Original Wafters

BRAND New Range


The ‘Originals’ Wafter range has come from high demand off the back of the extremely successful Pop up range.

Each flavour has been tested over many years.

These two-tone wafters feature incredible carp catching flavours such as Indian Spice, along with newer combinations such as Tuna and Sweetcorn! Their colour combinations are great carp catchers and you’ll always be able to find which one the carp want.

Each pot comes with two sizes of baits 15mm and 12mm barrels, to suit your fishing situation and hook size.

Available in eight different flavours!


CODE Description Size Flavour
S0940013 Original Wafters Chocolate Orange 12 & 15mm Chocolate Orange
S0940014 Original Wafters Creamy Toffee 12 & 15mm Creamy Toffee
S0940015 Original Wafters Indian Spice 12 & 15mm Indian Spice
S0940016 Original Wafters Krill & Squid 12 & 15mm Krill & Squid
S0940017 Original Wafters Peach & Black Pepper 12 & 15mm Peach & Black Pepper
S0940018 Original Wafters Pineapple & Cream 12 & 15mm Pineapple & Cream
S0940019 Original Wafters Raspberry Ripple 12 & 15mm Raspberry Ripple
S0940020 Original Wafters Tuna & Sweetcorn 12 & 15mm Tuna & Sweetcorn