Particle Spod Mixes


Make particle fishing easy with the Sonubaits Prepared Particles. These handy buckets contain top quality pre-prepared particles, cooked together keeping all of the flavour and oils in the bucket!

Each of the particle buckets contains lots of oil and salt, allowing you to put the particles into a PVA mesh bag. This allows you to ensure that there is a pile of particles right next to your hookbait!

In the words of Ian Russell, “If you use these and they don’t catch you fish, nothing will!”

Available in many different varieties to suit different situations:

  • Particle Spod Mix – Hemp
  • Particle Spod Mix - Hemp and Sweetcorn
  • Particle Spod Mix - Hemp and Tigernuts
  • Particle Spod Mix - Hemp and Chilli
  • Particle Spod Mix - Mixed Particles
  • Particle Spod Mix – Nutty
CODE Description Size Flavour
SSMW/H Cooked Hemp Seed N/A Hemp
SSMW/HS Cooked Hemp & Sweetcorn N/A Hemp
SSMW/HT Cooked Hemp & Tiger Nuts N/A Hemp
SSMW/HC Cooked Hemp & Chilli Flakes N/A Hemp
SSMW/MP Cooked Hemp & Mixed Particles N/A Hemp
SSMW/N Cooked Hemp & Crushed Nuts N/A Hemp