Liquid Flavours

Part of the Liquid Flavour range


Liquid flavours can be an edge in all areas of fishing, they can be applied to pretty much any bait and they will alter the flavour, therefore you can make your baits different to everyone else’s, this can be by making it stronger smelling such as adding F1 liquid flavour to F1 groundbait or by totally transforming the bait by adding for example Luncheon Meat Flavour to Fin Perfect Feed Pellets.

To add the flavours to groundbait or feed pellets it is best added to the water that you are going to use to prepare them, this makes sure the flavour is distributed evenly. As with all Sonubaits range not only do the fish love them but they are totally fish and fishery friendly too so you can use them with confidence wherever you go.

The flavours are all highly water soluble which means they will start working straight away in any temperature of water

Bloodworm Fishmeal Liquid flavour has harnessed the flavour from bloodworm and then been concentrated to intensify the flavour. This is a great addition to any of the products in the Bloodworm Fishmeal range.

CODE Description Size Flavour
S0850001 Bream Feeder Liquid N/A Other
SLF/CSL CSL Liquid Flavour N/A CSL
SLF/F1 F1 Liquid Flavour N/A F1
S0850004 Halibut Liquid Flavour N/A Halibut
S0850006 Monster Crab Liquid Flavour N/A Monster Crab
S0850007 Pineapple Liquid Flavour N/A Pineapple
S0850008 Scopex Liquid Flavour N/A Scopex
SLF/SB Strawberry Liquid Flavour N/A Strawberry
SLF/SG Supercrush Green Liquid Flavour N/A Supercrush Green
SLF/K Krill Liquid Flavour N/A Krill
S0850011 Tiger Fish Liquid Flavour N/A Tiger Fish
S0850012 Tutti Frutti Liquid Flavour N/A Tutti Frutti
SLF/BW Bloodworm Fishmeal Liquid Flavour N/A Bloodworm Fishmeal
S0850015 Maggot Fishmeal Liquid Flavour N/A Maggot Fishmeal
S0850017 Worm Fishmeal Liquid Flavour N/A Worm fishmeal
S0850014 Luncheon Meat Liquid Flavour N/A Luncheon Meat
SLF/SC Sweetcorn Liquid Flavour N/A Sweetcorn