Clear Pellet Oil

BRAND New Range


It’s not often a completely new innovation appears in the bait world, but here’s yet another from Sonubaits! Clear Pellet Oil is an oil that sinks! It can be used in a variety of ways and has proven to be extremely effective for hundreds of anglers all over Europe!

Primarily designed with the help of England International, Des Shipp to help fishery pellets sink without having to be covered in water, Clear Pellet Oil has transformed a number of angler’s matches.

Sonubaits angler, Chris Lowe, the big carp catching machine doesn’t go fishing without a bottle of Clear Pellet Oil! Using it in his spod mix every time he goes fishing.

It can be added to groundbait to boost its attraction, or used to coat boilies for an even bigger flavour profile!                    

One key feature to Clear Pellet Oil is its ability to be used year-round. Most oils in winter turn thick and become very hard to disperse flavour into the lake. Clear Pellet Oil has an extremely low freezing point and stays thin even in the coldest of temperatures. We’ve had it down to -24degrees without looking close to freezing!

Available in a range of flavours!

CODE Description Size Flavour
SPCOIL/KRILL Clear Pellet Oil Krill N/A Krill
SPCOIL/F1 Clear Pellet Oil F1 N/A F1
SPCOIL/SC Clear Pellet Oil Scopex N/A Scopex
S0850024 Clear Pellet Oil Chocolate Orange N/A Chocolate Orange
S0850025 Clear Pellet Oil Salmon N/A Salmon
S0850026 Clear Pellet Oil Squid N/A Squid
S1850061 NEW  Clear Pellet Oil Banoffee 250ml Banoffee