Tony Smeets

I have been fishing for carp since 1980. Carp fishing for me is more than just catching big carp, a fish of any size means the world to me and after chasing big carp and catching them to 47lbs 8oz I am now just as happy going to a local runs water as I am fishing on syndicates for potential personal bests.

I run my own company so often find time on the bank is limited so I always do my homework to produce as many runs as possible in the time I have available. This often means I try something different to the approach everyone else is using more often than not resulting in more runs.
I am a huge fan of small baits, even a 14mm seems massive, I prefer 12mm or smaller even down to 8mm as I believe it is a tactic rarely used and therefore carp will take it more readily.

I do a few magazine articles a year as my different approach is often an interesting take on angling.