Rob Hall

Korum Multimedia Coordinator

I began fishing when I was five years old, my dad has been a fisherman for most of his life and he was keen to get me into the sport. My dad would take me to our local pool down at Himley Hall to fish for all sorts of species such as Tench, Carp, Perch, and Roach. When I reached the age of 7 my dad took me to the River Severn where I caught my first pike.

I took a big break from fishing during high school, but later rekindled my love for the sport when I turned eighteen.

At eighteen years old I started to really get into carp fishing, I would sit for hours watching carp fishing DVD’s learning how to tie various rigs. My passion for carp fishing had continuously grown, and by the age of 23 I had joined a syndicate and caught numerous big carp to 29lb. I later progressed to bigger waters such as linear fisheries catching fish to over 30lb.

However, during the last couple of seasons, I have really started to get back into river fishing. I love roaming the banks of the River Severn and the Warwickshire Avon in search of big Barbel and Chub.

I would consider myself an all-round angler and I love to fish for a number of species, although if I had to choose a favourite it would definitely be the pike. After catching my first pike at the age of 7 I have been obsessed with the species, I find them fascinating.

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