Neil Mckinnon

Started coarse fishing at the age of 6, initially for pleasure, joined local clubs and won individual point’s league through junior, intermediate and adult level. Early fishing was spent on rivers and still waters, including the Trent, Witham, Welland and Nene. Move up to the open circuit in my early 20’s and fished with teams including Bawtry and Shakespeare Superteam for over 12 years. Concentrated on commercial fisheries in the early 1990’s developing all angling disciplines necessary to win on both running line and pole work. Continues to specialise and successfully develop new techniques to remain highly competitive on commercial fisheries. 
Angling Achievements
2010 Fishomania Champion, 3 x Fishomania finalist, 4 x Parkdean Masters finalist, Whiteacres festival winner, 3 x Barford festival winner (consecutive), 2012 Larford festival 3rd, Angling Trust Masters runner-up, River Thames 5 hour match record hold with 203lb Bream, Angling Times winter league semi-final individual winner, 2 x Ultimate League winner, Angling Plus pole championship winner, 2 x Angling Trust Division 1 National team 3rd, 100’s open match wins.

Favourite Sonubait products include:
Match Method Mix groundbait, this is my preferred choice for method fishing and general all-round groundbait. My reasons are due to the way it mixes and most importantly performs in use. For me the best method mixes stay on the feeder very well during the cast and on entry to the water. Once settled on the bottom it then breaks down quickly and creates the perfect fish catching trap. I have great confidence using this groundbait.

Band’ um, these barrel-shaped boilies are the best. Since their release on the market I have used them extensively and had many wins using these in their several colours and flavours, I use them all, with the red strawberry my most preferred. They can be banded or hair rigged and often better than normal round boilies because I think the fish find them harder to eject over normal round boilies, hence you hook more fish.